Plus Medical – Professional Medical Supplies

Plus Medical is a growing e-commerce platform which provides medical supplies and equipment. We are a UK registered company with expertise in the healthcare sector. We have as a result created a website which offers an easy to use online shop. Plus Medical is becoming a favourite amongst professionals for medical supplies and equipment. Also, our products undergo a review to ensuring they are reliable by checking current customer feed back on other online shopping channels. Therefore, our valued customers know that our products definitely meet the mark. Due to this, you are able to shop with confidence.

Our experienced and diverse team works around the clock. Our team are happy to help assist you with any queries. Please contact the team using or by completing the online contact form. A customer representative will be in touch with you. It is easy to shop with Plus Medical by ordering easily with a click of a button. We also can deliver your items within 24 hours (terms and conditions apply).


Sales Lead

Lucy leads our experienced sales teams, which help give customers advice on the best products to purchase for their relative professional needs. The team is able to advise customers on anything relating to our products.



Tim leads our dispatch team lead which works around the clock to ensure that our customers get all their products on time. The team ensures all products are of high quality and packaged well so that our customers get only the best.



Jess leads our aftercare team as we believe that the purchasing experience with Plus Medical does not just stop after the your initial shop. We strive to provide our customers with excellent customer service and after care.



Alan works with our technical team members to answer customer queries, update customers regarding their purchase and facilitate us in collating our valued customers' experiences.